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Update 0.2 | In-game


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In-game changes

Added a referral system :yes:
When you invite your friends to the server, get them to "/friendrefer <your IGN>" for you both to get rewarded!

You can now vote and receive rewards for supporting us :yes:
Open up the vote GUI by typing /vote

VPixel Levels also now fixed, your level should now update as Intended :yes:

TPS Drop upon join also fixed :yes:

Increased the Interval between announcements from 2 minutes to 4 minutes so there should be less spam now:yes:

Should you discover any more bugs In-game, discord or the forums, please report them here 👉https://vpixel.uk/forums/forums/bug-reports.13/ and who knows, you might be rewarded for helping us discover bugs or glitches!

Connect with: MC.VPIXEL.UK