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Grand re-opening of VPixel


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Two years ago today, we had to say goodbye to everyone and shutdown VPixel. Today we’re excited to announce that VPixel is returning, bigger and better than ever. VPixel will no longer be a single server as it used to be before, we will be a network of servers, first releasing with our classic VPixel Survival experience, then we will work our magic into other amazing game modes, ones that fly high in the sky, are you able to figure it out? ;)

So what do we have planned for the brand new VPixel experience we are bringing to you all?

The biggest and foremost one you all know right now is that we are a network, that means you'll get our special experience in some big classic Minecraft game modes! We also have brand new experiences that will be unique to VPixel, one notable one to mention is the levelling system we are implementing right now as you read this! More on this as we release it ;) A great big one to look forward to is a special quest/missions feature that we will be rolling out to survival!

This is all I dare say at the moment though! We have some huge new experiences in the works of our amazing developers. As always, we would love to hear what you think about it! And also what you want to see yourself implemented onto VPixel! Sign up to our forums now and start discussing your shiny ideas with the community!

To wrap things up, we would like to thank you all for joining us on this new and exciting adventure and we hope you stick around as we grow together to provide you with an amazing experience at VPixel.

- VPixel Team

Connect With: MC.VPIXEL.UK
Discord: https://discord.gg/XgUgY9r