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Howdy 👋

I'm going to keep this a short thread, so first of all, I would like to welcome everybody to our new forums. As you can tell, we're no longer using XenForo as our forums software but have switched to NamelessMC as its much simpler and suitable for the needs of our community. As you all are aware, none of the servers are fully ready so if you have any suggestions or feedback on the currently existing features then please make sure to leave us feedback and give us new ideas for us to implement. Please see below for the appropriate feedback forums.



Now moving on, I am excited to announce that we will be merging PicklePrison with the VPixel Network over the next upcoming weeks. So, what is PicklePrison you may be asking if you aren't coming from the PicklePrison community? PicklePrison is an OP Prison server that has PvP, Dungeons, Survival and much more to offer.

So how are we planning on merging PicklePrison with the VPixel Network you may be wondering? 
We plan on keeping both servers separate for the next couple of weeks but will slowly start merging both communities together, starting with the forums, store then moving onto the Discord servers before making PicklePrison a part of the VPixel Network. Having both servers merged together will allow us to work on improving all the servers by getting ideas from now a larger audience. 

How will this merge affect the ranks on the servers?
We will be migrating all the ranks and permissions from the currently existing Permission System that is used on PickleNetwork to the one used by the VPixel network. However, all the donator ranks and the default rank will remain the same on the Prison server and those who donated to PicklePrison will keep their ranks. The staff ranks on PicklePrison, however, will be removed and replaced with the ranks used by the VPixel staff team.

I would like everyone to give those coming over from the PicklePrison community a very warm welcome! if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them by replying to this thread and either I or someone from the VPixel staff team will be more than happy to answer them for you.


Connect to PicklePrison via PLAY.PICKLEPRISON.ORG
Join the VPixel Discord 


Important Links

Survival Feedback & Suggestions: Click here

Prison Feedback & Suggestions: Click here

Skyblock Feedback & Suggestions: Click here


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Everyone from PicklePrison, welcome to VPixel!
Everyone from VPixel, welcome to PicklePrison!

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